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Cost Reduction Tips: Printing | Segue Systems Canada

Cost reduction is a huge part a company's goals. It's important to be aware of how to save money even in the smallest of tasks- like printing from the internet. Employees are printing from the internet more and more. Printing from a web browser can be a necessary activity but it often ends up involving a lot of waste. Blank pages and pages with irrelevant content are often included with the article or info that was needed. Little by little, this costs big in the area of toner, ink and paper usage. How can you print more efficiently from your Google, Chrome and Internet Explore browsers?

Here are two tips that will help you avoid waste and print smart.

1. Use Print Selection

This is a huge step in printing cost reduction. When you print using web browsers default, you will end up automatically printing everything, including advertisements, blank pages, and irrelevant content. When using the "Print Selection" option, you will only have to print what you need.

2. Copy and Paste Text from the Internet

If you need such piece of research or a simple article, a wise choice is to simply copy and paste from your web browsers into a word processor program. Now you can delete the extra content and delete images or unnecessary colored text. This way you can make sure all the text is in black and shrink the text size to cut down on page usage.

These two tips will give you a good shot at more cost reduction. Every small tip helps! Share this with your employees and encourage them to save paper, ink and toner when they print from a web browser.

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