Choosing Between Colour or Black and White Printing

Choosing Between Colour or Black and White Printing | Segue Systems

When you’re considering a small business printer, one of the questions you need to answer is whether you want colour or black and white printing. It’s not always an obvious decision, but if you know what sort of materials you’ll be printing most, this should help you select your personal printer. Here are some things to think about before you buy your multifunction printer.

For Mostly Text Printing, Black and White Is Great

If you mostly or only ever print text documents, black and white printing can keep your costs in check. You only have one colour of cartridge to replace, which can save you money. However, if your output includes graphics, or if you plan to self-produce any materials in colour, such as promotional pieces, investing in a colour printer may be a wise decision.

Colour May Be Cheaper Than You Think

Traditionally, colour machines were more expensive. However, colour printing may still be within your reach. Weighing the expenses up against the added convenience can help you decide. To know for sure, compare the costs of outsourcing your jobs with the combined price of your initial printer purchase, paper, ink and service calls. 

Making the decision of whether to purchase a black and white small business printer or a colour model isn’t easy. Knowing what you need to print and how much, as well as looking at the expenses of each option, are key factors. Finally, some cost-benefit analysis should help you determine what sort of personal printer you need.

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