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As our world has shifted to operating businesses through financial transactions online, so have the potential threats shifted. You can no longer hire a security guard and call things protected. Protection against cyber crimes is needed. Cybercriminal gangs target computers and small businesses with low internet security.

Have you done everything you can to secure your office against cyber crime? Let's find out.

A Guide to Check Your Security

Here are several questions to give you a feel for where you are at in guiding your office into safer waters.

  1. Are your operating systems and security software frequently updated?
  2. Have you invested in adequate anti-virus tools (like special Cryptolocker prevention kits)?
  3. Are you and your employees aware of the dangers of opening attachments from unknown sources from emails (even if they appear normal)?
  4. Have you consistently backed up important data and kept it within unconnected storage?
  5. Have you thought about moving more data to Cloud services? Consider Cloud services offered by Google and others.
  6. Have you checked incident response and resilience protocols to monitor for issues?
  7. Is your staff up-to-date and aware of good computing practices and immediately picking up on threats or suspicious virus activity?
  8. Have you used software to identify if a computer is infected? If your computer is infected, be sure to disconnect from the network and find professional help.
  9. Have you changed online account passwords and network passwords after you've seen a reason to disconnect your computer from the system?
  10. Have you blocked .exe files over email, including ZIP files (usually done with an anti-spam system)?

Have you protected your office again cyber crime? Contact us in Canada today.

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