Assessing The Strength of Your MPS Provider With Integrated Workflow Solutions

Assessing The Strength of Your MPS Provider With Integrated Workflow Solutions

One of the major goals of a quality managed print services (MPS) provider is to integrate your company’s entire printing, scanning, copying and document access solutions into one cohesive package. Some providers do not have the capacity and expertise to manage this level of integration, especially with large companies. That is why you need to assess the strength of a specialized provider in integrating your workflow solutions.

Assess Your Current MPS System

Determine if your current MPS system has a unified flow throughout the diverse aspects of your business’s function. A good managed print service system will start with a secure, simple process to digitize your documents and share these documents throughout your company’s network. This network resource should be easily connected to existing print services so that all of your equipment can interface and function with the MPS system. Finally, your IT department and management should have user-friendly tools to allow for analytics and reports to be generated to determine the effectiveness of your MPS system.

Is Your MPS Provider Good Enough?

If your company’s managed print services are not well integrated across your business, it is a clear signal that your MPS provider is not effective in integrated workflow solutions. Identification of your system’s weaknesses can help you find a Managed Print Services provider that will meet your needs.

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