5 Questions to Ask a Managed Print Services Candidate

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Once you've decided to make a move to a managed print partnership, you've still got a few decisions to make. The most important is choosing a managed print provider who can meet your company's requirements. A one-size-fits-all solution may not work for your organization, so it's a good idea to do your homework.

What to Ask

If this is your first exposure to a managed print partnership, you may not know what to expect, making it even more difficult to ask the right questions. We've compiled a list to help you get the conversation started.

  1. We're concerned about our rising printing costs. How can you help? The best managed print providers can not only help you lower your print spend, but they'll provide needed insight to reveal hidden expenses you may not even know you're paying.
  2. We've adopted a document management system, but our print volumes seem to be going up. Can you help us get them back in line? Ask about solutions to reduce printing waste and rein in print volumes, which is a large part of why managed print is so successful at lowering costs.
  3. We're spending a lot of time managing supplies. Do you offer automatic supply shipments? Insist on hands-off supply replenishment, a central advantage of a good managed print agreement.
  4. Our IT team is often diverted from core responsibilities to troubleshoot our printers. How will you correct this issue for us? Proactive maintenance and tech support are essential components of a successful managed print partnership, so be sure to ask.
  5. Our print infrastructure doesn't work well with our current workflow requirements. Will you make recommendations? Understanding your print requirements and adjusting your print environment to meet them should be a core offering of any managed print agreement.

There's more to a managed print agreement than most businesses realize. To learn more, contact Segue Systems today!

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