5 Benefits of Network Printing

5 Benefits of Network Printing | Segue Systems Canada

There are many benefits to having a network printer over each computer connecting directly to its own printer. Simple setup and ease of use once configured, plus the many additional benefits make network printers a desirable option for any office space.

Why choose networked printing?

  1. It saves you money: Who doesn't like this reason? Save the money you would have spent on buying each employee a printer, and save additional money on the supplies you won't be purchasing for those individual printers. You are also minimizing costs by a decrease in support and maintenance.

  2. Decrease in maintenance: Due to the decrease in devices and an increase in like models, your maintenance is centralized and is consequently easier to handle.

  3. Knowledgable employees: No office wants to train their employees on multiple printing devices which require specific training, knowledge, monitoring and maintenance. With a network printer, you only have to train employees on one printer, which will free up employee's time. As your printing technology then changes over the years, you can decrease the time it could have taken to train all of your employees and just train them all again on one network printer.

  4. Enhanced printing capabilities: Network printers are designed to handle more complex and larger tasks with a higher quality than personal printers. You should see a notable difference in printing capacity, speed, paper handling and advanced finishing capabilities.

  5. Remote printing capabilities: When you are working remotely and need to print from afar, you can count on network printers providing efficient printing. Connect to the network and send documents from anywhere.

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