3 Ways to Improve Accounting with Your Multifunction Printer

3 Ways to Improve Accounting with Your Multifunction Printer | Segue Systems

Reliable business accounting must trickle down from the big picture concepts and processes down to the minutiae of running an office day to day. That includes tracking your print, scan and fax systems. Multifunction printers can play a big part in your accounting system. Here are three Xerox printer functions that can transform your MFP into an invaluable accounting tool.


Also referred to as Internal Accounting or Xerox Standard Accounting, this feature lets you limit the type and amount of access users have to your business’s multifunction printers. Use it to tie usage of the machine to an individual or department or to spot usage trends and opportunities to improve efficiency.

Xerox Standard Accounting (XSA):

This is another nifty feature that comes standard on Xerox multifunction printers and, like Auditron, helps track use. Configured via Internet Services, this feature differs from Auditron in that it allows you to apply usage limits, instantly cutting down on overprinting.

Foreign Device Interface:

Your Xerox multifunction printer can be configured to use controlled access devices to print. Simply install an Auxiliary Interface Kit to and configure your machine to begin using scan cards or even coins to operate your multifunction printers.

Today’s MFPs do so much more than their predecessors. Explore these features to see how your MFPs can keep your workflow efficient and your company in the black.

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