3 Reasons Your Small Business Needs a Multifunction Copier

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Have you been wondering whether your small business needs access to in-house copiers? With paperless initiatives gaining ground and a local copy printing company within driving distance, it's possible to do without in-house copiers. But let's take a look at the opportunities you'll have if you decide to add one or more multifunction copiers to your office technology fleet.

  1. Save time — You could designate an employee to send your print jobs to a copy and print shop. Emailing gets the job there fast, but your employee will still need to contend with traffic to pick up the order and will likely be out of the office for an hour or longer. With on-site access to multifunction copiers, you can print and copy documents at a moment's notice and keep the frustrating traffic issues for your morning and evening commute.
  2. Seize the moment — Opportunities to promote your business can appear at any moment, and with your multifunction copier, you're prepared. If your equipment is colour-capable and includes collating and stapling, you have everything you need to produce marketing materials in-house. And with no set-up or short-run fees and no copy-shop schedule to work around, you can print as few or as many documents as you need, whenever you want.
  3. About those paperless initiatives— If your company plans to adopt paperless processes, you're on track for success. But doing so doesn't mean you've eliminated your need for an office copier. Multifunction copiers are your link to the information sharing processes that form the backbone of electronic document management. Built-in OCR technology provides accurate scanning, and scan to email and fax capabilities make routing information to others a simple on-device process.

Versatile Xerox multifunction copiers open up an entire world of possibilities, and there's a size and features combination that's just right for your small business. Contact us at Segue Systems to learn more today!

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